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Weather services: linia portal's offer also provides services for sailing clubs, marinas and ports. It also co-operates with sailing portals. Often, it is the weather that the success of a number of organized events and trips depends on. Using the professional and custom services of the website, you will not get surprised by the weather, and all your actions will be thought out and effective.obrazek

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Knowledge of current weather conditions is the knowledge that the value shall not be overestimated, especially when it comes to human life. 

obrazekMedia and Internet portal services for the media connected to the maritime industry include providing weather forecasts for television, radio and magazines at local and national level. 

obrazekFor marinas portal provides reliable and detailed weather forecasts for your marina. Whether you are planning a big sailing event, or preparing for the opening of the season, an up-to-date and accurate weat

Cooperation linia provides accurate and reliable weather forecasts for boaters and anyone involved in the maritime and inland sailing. Knowledge of weather parameters such as wind, pressure and precipitation, allows avoiding many dangerous situations. Bearing security, above all, in mind, we develop weather forecasts including the most important factors, such as wind, pressure, wind chill, and information about waves for all waters in the world. To provide the portal Users with access to reliable and credible forecasts, the weather data is updated several times during a 24-hour period. We are open to cooperation with both institutional clients and private individuals. Currently, we are working with several entities from around the world. Should you be interested in working with portal - please contact us.obrazek

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We invite media to cooperate with us. We are open and willing to share our meteorological experience, opinions about climate change, forecasting trends, forecasts or long-term weather forecasts and weather statistics. Our specialists are ready to take part in discussions, panels and interviews about a broad spectrum of meteorological topics. If you are interested, please contact us. obrazek

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